For former members of the DOD 1.6 Clan [MDK]
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From 2001 [MDK] were a Day of Defeat clan running public servers, playing the occasional clan match and in 2005/6, participating in the DOD ladder of EnemyDown, reaching 7th place shortly before disbanding in 2006.

[MDK] were an international clan including English, Scots, Irish, Northern Irish, Austrian, South African, American, Norwegian and Swedish members. We even let the Welsh and brummies in plus at least one member from another planet.

[MDK] turned over members all the time, losing members to other games such as BF2, WOW, Counter-Camp and DOD Sauce. So over time there were a lot of members in [MDK]. At the point when [MDK] disbanded, some members stayed with DOD Classic, joining other clans such as {tbs}, B^R and (WAL). Others moved on to other games.

So this site is a contact point for former members to get back in touch, arrange reunion DOD sessions and any other activity between former members and friends of the clan.

Over the years, [MDK] had strong links to various clans and had regulars on their server both clanned and unclanned - and in the case of Bulldozer tagged but not clanned. So we'd like to hear from former regulars as well, even if its just a bit of nostalgia from that time you ran round a corner, blew up 5 teammates, got auto-banned and we were too busy PMSLing for the next 10 minutes to unban you Wink

So welcome to the site.

Let the abuse commence......

Sep 2010.
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About [MDK]
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