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 XBOX gone walkies

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XBOX gone walkies Empty
PostSubject: XBOX gone walkies   XBOX gone walkies EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 3:13 am

Well mine broke and i want to play it, so i'll just chat,

I was addicted to forza 3. The online modes were SICKAGE.
Tag (virus) was especially fun, while the races were alright.
The adjustable difficulty was ace. So long as it was 4wd, i could turn off traction control, stability control, and ABS, as well as in manual (without clutch) i never understood how a button could be a clutch :S stupid americans.
The cars could all be customised, adding different variables to the engine, the car, the body, the wheels, the works. As well being able to completely change the engine in a car to a number of applicable engines, AND the drive train on some cars. A rear wheel drive ford focus is a no no. 4wd rocks!
As well as having extras, i got a car pack which included about 8 - 10 cars. One of which i wanted was an audi, cant remember if it was the rs4, the s5, or what but i got it, and the new vauxhall insignia vrx. I know i know these cars are crap! But they look LOVELY.

If i so much as think of top gear, or see a car on youtube, or traffic cops, or that other one police interceptors woop woop then i want to rally its crap without my xbox.

FIRST my forza 3 disk gets a HUGE ring groov around the entire disk when i foolishly move my xbox while its on.
So i invest in a dcd repair thingy (which was twice as much as buying a new game)
THEN it works, but two YES two weeks later the DVD drive breaks. It doesn't read disks, just says eject tray instead of even trying to read it.
THEN! I left it out, (cos i had to put the serial no online) and my bro n sis came and stood on the hdmi cable braking the feckin display plug.
I went on youtube (my saviour!) and found a few fixes for the dvd drive, but i still got warranty n the sticker wont let me open my xbox. Waiting for my shipping label. boo.

This explains my presence in the dod. Strategy games dont entertain for much. And there aint much race there.
When i get my pc sorted im getting my xbox pad on the pc. i gots 3 wireless ones, so one can be used.
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XBOX gone walkies
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