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 ps3 testy test

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PostSubject: ps3 testy test   Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:55 am

So i yoinked my bros ps3, and his extensive collection of games as an inconvenience charge for damaging the xbox.
Hes got
gta4 - i already completed on xbox but i'll give it another run through.
Motor storm, pacific rift - some racing/rally game reminds me a lil of flatout for pc. or burnout for xbox.
socom: confrontation - looks like an army game
Quake wars, enemy territory - surely i dont need to explain that. The graphics look poo.

Thats a whole load of boring plop right here. Half of those dont run in 1080 either. I am immidiatly liking the ps3 though because actually it was broken for about 6 - 9 months before i got my hands on it. Again youtube sorted me out and now it works. Didn't even need to open it up. It wasn't booting, or was crashing i dunno. Fixed it, Went to go tell my bro, he was so excited until i told him i was keeping it! aww.
The menu screen is cool, way better than the xbox! its all pretty, and animated, and doesn't have that gay fucker avatar jumping around waving arms in the air. Like a fool. Lots more customisability aswell. Can change the sparkly colours.
omg AND i played online, WITHOUT PAYING. FUCK YEA! Plugged it in, turned it on (waited 10 mins to install the game, waited 100 mins to update the game boo) Because of that ALONE im thinking to buy the playstation network thingy, same price as xbox gold. both 1 yr £40. or not.

TBH the xbox was suppost to be a short term replacement for the pc anyway. God its been nearly a year since i shot a rifle, flew an apache, applied a 'mod', or been god, or killed a zombie, or *checks xfire* yea all that. oh wow i could install xfire on my new pc!

Back to ps3. I was thinking of buyin something 5.... not project gotham, (i will get that on xbox) the other one! Gran turismo 5. That one. I was on youtube, and bumped into a bunch of freaks playing with steering wheels SPECIFICALLY the logitech G27 omg that looks orgasmic AND i plays cross platform (excluding wii+xbox) so i may get it for my new pc aswell. With that hardware those freaks are my idols. looks SOOO FUN

Not a fan at all of the any ps controller. My hands are too big, its too... meh. i have big hands :/

All in all nice bit of kit. THough i never liked consoles and especially these new consoles which are basically pre-built pc's. And i cant aim for shit with a controller like that, so shooting games of any nature are just out of the picture.
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PostSubject: Re: ps3 testy test   Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:25 am

It's quite clear that Keeper's not been on a PC in a long time, his bloody spelling is poo :p
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PostSubject: Re: ps3 testy test   Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:52 am

I ended up purchasing Gran turismo 5 prologue, and its shite. Forza 3 on xbox is way way better.
I also got crysis. Which is also shite.
I havnt actually played either since the 5 minute test a few weeks ago.
My bro pops round to play it though.

Playstation is what i always said it was =shite.

Good news though i can play dods, or dod now! No desk means its very unconfortable, so im just sticking to the likes of youtube, bbci, and occasionally a strategy/sim game of sorts...

Strangely i tried my wireless keyboard with the ps3, and it works! The ps3 has a browser for teh internet, which is rather la-de-da but overall, i'm unimpressed with consoles. Its a real shame that most console games are console exclusives. What a waste!
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PostSubject: Re: ps3 testy test   Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:46 pm

You just got crappy games is all, i hate FPS games on consoles.

Get MGS4 great story.
Or Uncharted 2, AMAZING game.
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PostSubject: Re: ps3 testy test   Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:00 am

I was talking to Stooby the other night on vent and he was telling me that since we got him back on a pc, he's remembered how good they are compared to consoles....
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PostSubject: Re: ps3 testy test   

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ps3 testy test
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