For former members of the DOD 1.6 Clan [MDK]
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PostSubject: [MDK]Barcode   [MDK]Barcode EmptyFri Sep 10, 2010 6:05 am


OK I will stop hiding behind the name "Admin" now. I have spammed a few people on facebook with the address so we will get a few people registering now. I also dropped a link into the WAL forum and I need to spam some email out over the weekend to get everyone else to drop in. Might be a bit dodgy because all the email addresses I have are 5 years old.

Anyway, what have I been up to? Well I'm now single and living in the land of the Brummies (urgh).

Tried playing Red Orchestra for a while after the clan disbanded, but there were not enough people wanting to play.

Then played COD4 with some of the guys under the [MDK] tag briefly

Played the odd game of Company of Heroes

Spent a while playing BF2, mostly on the m2s server

Spent a while playing DODS, mostly on The O.C.'s server

Played X3-Reunion for a while.

Then a woman corrupted me and got me playing erm.......I can hardly bear to say it......erm.......WOW.

OK OK I now wander around in a dress waving my "wand" at big men in leather. Go ahead and quote all the stuff I came out with about WOW 5 years ago you sods Razz

By the way, if you are in contact with anyone else from the clan, or our old allies, or old regulars please pass on the site address so we can get em all in. If all else fails we can spam the buggers till they give in.

OK silly memory number 1 - First time I ran into the welshman in ventrilo, he didn't realise Sony had invited me in until he'd spent 10 minutes slagging off "that dirty bastard, Barcode". Then I said "Hi" Wink
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PostSubject: Re: [MDK]Barcode   [MDK]Barcode EmptyFri Sep 10, 2010 12:59 pm

Those were the days afro
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